Yuri M. Of Honolulu,

“Thank Buddha for the Ultimate Foot Store!  Seriously your staff and shoes have saved my feet!  As a pharmacy student starting 40 hour week rotations standing all day my feet were killing me.  I have high arches so after a few hours of standing my feet really ache, so I’m so glad my friend recommended me to check out this store.  My friend is in the restaurant business as a waitress and she praises these shoes for their comfort when she’s running around waiting tables.  I described to the staff about my shoe needs like my high arches and pressure points in my heel.  They were very knowledgable and informed me of how I want to keep my foot in a neutral position and about pronation, things I have never heard of before.  I must say I’ve learned a lot that day, the staff were so helpful and friendly.  My feet can’t thank this store enough!  I definitely recommend checking it out!”

James F. Of Honolulu,

“Decided to check out The Ultimate Foot Store because of all the lovely reviews they had,  and to my satisfaction they were all true.   There were others being helped when I walked in but I was still greeted by an employee and told I would be helped in a few minutes.    I was shopping for an arch support insole for my Converse All Stars because I refuse to give those shoes up.  I was fitted with a set of  3/4 Powerstep Protechs and they worked splendidly,  so well that I went back later to buy a spare set, and I also picked up a set of orthopedic slippers for at home use.  Autumn helped me both times and she was absolutely fantastic.  The second time I visited she chased after me when I had already left the store just to tell me about a promotion that Ward Centers was having that I qualified for with my purchase.  I highly recommend The Ultimate Foot Store!”


Dr. Irene Yamamoto

I love referring my patients to UFS. I am glad I have a resource to send my patients with feet, leg, knee and back pain to because a lot of these pains are the result of improper footwear or arch supports. The sales staff there  are personally trained by a highly qualified podiatrist and are very knowledgeable about foot health and the products. Thank you UFS!

Dr. Irene Yamamoto